August 2016 Meeting


Mike Drejza, treasurer, reminds all that our fiscal year started July 1st and so dues of $36 are due. You can write a check, made out to: Fine Woodworkers of Austin (preferable), or pay cash.

Show & Tell:

This month we will devote most of the meeting to “Show & Tell”. Last meeting we did not get to all the members that brought items to share. I should have allowed more time in the agenda. Sharing our projects with others should take priority in our meetings. Please bring your show and tell items and remember they can be a work in process.

Remember “Show & Tell” can include jigs, fixtures, tools (purchase or made) and / or tips you use in building your projects or to keep you shop organized.

If you have photos please email them to me so I can have them ready to go or bring them on a flash drive. I will be there early to up load them before the meeting.

Q & A:

Bring your woodworking or shop questions. You can get answers from some of the most talented woodworkers in Austin.

What a great idea:

A long time member had an idea of doing a build challenge that would create the opportunity for all members to participate in a fun actively.

Let’s have a “project build challenge for the September meeting”. All the details in our August meeting. If this goes the way we think it will we may have more in the future.

If anyone has ideas for the club please contact one of the board members. The contact information is below.


We have a casual dinner before each meeting. It is at Maudies on north Lamar @ 5:30. Look for an email on Wednesday to reserve a seat.

Also don’t forget the 10% discount on most items at Woodcraft available shortly before our meeting and during our break. Please support our host.


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July 2016 Meeting

David Petersen presents an introduction to CNC routering

Don’t forget to bring your show-and-tell (even if it isn’t finished yet).

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June 2016 Meeting

Hand Planes 102

Member Mark Wells is going to show the hand plane techniques he used to construct a Dutch tool chest. He built the chest without using electricity.

Don’t forget to bring your show-and-tell (even if it isn’t finished yet).

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May 2016 Meeting

Officer elections are June 2. We need a President and Treasurer. Even if you are new to the club, feel free to nominate yourself. We need officers to keep the club going.

This Thursday at 7pm Maryellen Burdwood-Porter is going to talk to us about making crossbows, which she does professionally. Jim Wallace is also going to briefly describe a 3-way mortice and tenon he used in a chair joint.

One of my greatest pleasures as president is watching club members like Maryellen and Jim display their talents. Being an officer is a great way to meet more club members and learn their stories.

I look forward to seeing you this Thursday at 7pm at Woodcraft.

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April 2016 Meeting


The main program for our April 7 meeting will be Dmitri Wolf showing us the jigs and tricks he uses to install door hardware. Dmitri is a member of our club and a professional woodworker. I look forward to hearing what he has to say.

It’s time to start thinking about officers for the next year. Elections are June 2. I have enjoyed serving and have received a lot of encouragement, but I cannot continue another year as president. Likewise, John Huber and Frank Lynn have served for several years and need to step down. All of us are available to help transition.

We will have three spots open: President, Treasurer, and Member at Large. The President organizes the whole show, the Treasurer tracks the money, and the Member at Large takes care of the name badges. If you have questions about the jobs, you can reply to this email and I’ll answer or get you connected to the right person.

Please nominate yourself or someone else you would like to see in any of those roles. Send nominations to me. Officers are who keep the club running. It’s a great way to get to know other woodworkers better.

I look forward to seeing you on April 7. Don’t forget to bring your show and tell. The night of the meeting you you get a 10% discount on most items at Woodcraft.


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March 2016 Meeting


This Thursday, March 3, the day after Texas Independence Day, is the next meeting of the Fine Woodworkers of Austin. Last month we had a lot of interest and a lot of presenters for workbenches. This month we are going to have another meeting on workbenches. Come with your questions!

I have seen the presentations for this month and I think you are in for a treat.

Kenneth Lightle recently posted a great story to this email list about an old bench he bought and uses to this day. I enjoyed reading Kenneth’s story and I bet some of you did, too. Please feel free to send emails to this list with your questions or tools for sale. Those big international woodworking forums have a lot of good information, but sometimes it’s nice to talk to people you see on a regular basis.

I’ll see you on Thursday night at 7pm at Woodcraft.


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February 2016 Meeting


Assuming Ground Hog Day does not repeat indefinitely, your woodworking friends will be at our next meeting: this Thursday, February 4 from 7-9pm at Woodcraft on I-35.

Several members are going to talk about their workbenches.  We have a good variety, so I am looking forward to it.

As usual, bring some show and tell.
The night of the meeting you get 10% off at Woodcraft on most stuff.
I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

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January 2016 Meeting

On Thursday, January 7 from 7-9pm at the Woodcraft on I-35 it’s time to come see your woodworking friends again.

Mark Wells will present “Handplanes 101.”

As you know by now, Mark is a hand tool enthusiast and nearly all the projects he build these days are done mostly by hand. In fact, Mark sold his Jet jointer because he just use handplanes for flattening and squaring stock.
Topics planned to be covered:
Why by hand?
What are the different sized planes used for?
Which plane should I get first?
Bevel up vs. bevel down planes.
Buying old planes.
How to install and adjust the blade.
Basic strokes.
Tear out.

If you already know a lot about the topics above, I encourage you to come and share your opinions, as well.

Of course bring your show and tell.

As usual, the night of the meeting you will get a 10% discount at Woodcraft (on stuff that’s not already on sale and one brands that are not excluded).

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December 2015 Meeting


Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, December 3.

This month’s meeting is on pen turning. Gene Berry is going to show us how he turns a pen in wood. Bill Gardner is going to talk about how he casts resin and then turns that into his pens. I believe the resin he uses, Alumilite, can be used for more than just pens. I suggest coming just in case Santa puts a gallon of Alumilite in your stocking.

If your relatives are making you crazy and you are looking for a day trip, here are a couple of events:

* The fair at Homestead Heritage is open tomorrow (Saturday). Because of the rain, they will also be open Friday and Saturday next weekend. I would dress dry and warm. If you are interested in traditional crafts (including hand tool woodworking, blacksmithing, timber framing, etc.), there is a lot to see. It’s great for kids.

* The Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event is next weekend, Friday, Dec 4 – Saturday, Dec 5. This year it is at Homestead Heritage. (I guess it will be going the same time as the fair, so two for one!) If you have never been to one of these before, it’s a place where you can try out all the different Lie-Nielsen tools. There are also hand tool nuts who tend to hang around, so you can learn a lot by just hanging out and asking questions. Don’t be shy!

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 7pm at Woodcraft on I-35.


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November 2015 Meeting


Our next meeting is Thursday, November 5 from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Woodcraft on I-35.

John Huber is going to present, “Working in a Small Shop, or 15 Ways to Make Shop Space Larger.” John works out of an apartment, so I plan to be inspired by the work that can be done in a small space.

Jim Wallace is going to show us pictures from last year’s Texas Furniture Makers’ Show in Kerrville. The show runs this year from October 29 to November 28. Several members of our club submit work to the show and many of them have won prizes.

Don’t forget to bring your show and tell. If you have pictures to show, send them to me by Tuesday and I will put them on the TV in Woodcraft.

As always, on the night of the meeting to get a 10% discount at Woodcraft.

I look forward to seeing you in a week.

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