December 2016 Meeting


Thursday December 1st is our next meeting at Woodcraft. 7:00 to 9:00 PM

December Presentation:

Brandon Berdoll, of Berdoll Sawmill & Furniture Co., will explain the technics used to properly dry wood at the saw mill. (Kiln-dry—–Air-dry)


Mike Drejza, treasurer, reminds all that our $36 annual dues are prorated, from July 1, for NEW members that want to join. You can pay by check, made out to: Fine Woodworkers of Austin (preferable), or pay cash.

Show & Tell:

Please bring your show and tell items and remember they can be a work in process. If you have photos please email them to me so I can have them ready to go or bring them on a flash drive. I will be there early to up load them before the meeting.

Remember “Show & Tell” can include jigs, fixtures, tools (purchased or made) and / or tips you use in building your projects or to keep you shop organized.

Q & A:

Bring your woodworking or shop questions. You can get answers from some of the most talented fine woodworkers in Austin.

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